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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s on Your Mind?

Do you have an investment minimum?

We do not have a minimum investment amount. However, we feel that our fees are mostly appropriate for investors with $1 million or more in investable assets.

I already have an investment advisor that I like. Can I use them for investments and use you for tax and planning?

We believe that we do our best work when we manage both parts of the relationship. Therefore, we ask that we implement both investment management and tax planning. 

Will you manage a portion of my portfolio and let another advisor manage the rest?

It is generally a bad idea to have multiple investment advisors. Plus, to adequately plan next year’s tax projection, we need all available data. Therefore, we ask that we manage all of your investable assets.

Note: exceptions can be made for certain non-manageable accounts, such as 401(k) or restricted stocks.

How much are your fees compared to other advisors?

Based on market research, we believe our fees are very similar to those charged by advisors who do not give tax advice nor prepare income tax returns.

How is your investment performance compared to other advisors?

SEC rules prohibit us from disclosing account performance. However, we believe strongly in the aphorism, “The rising tide lifts all boats.” Since we invest in the same markets, same securities and use the same risk-reduction techniques as other advisors, we expect our performance to be about the same. Our competitive advantage manifests itself on your tax return, not your account statement.

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